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    Natural Awakenings is Everywhere!

    Trina & John Voell

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    About Natural Awakenings

    Healthy living entrepreneur Sharon Bruckman established Natural Awakenings magazine in 1994 in Naples, Florida in response to her local holistic health community's need for an effective way to share information and connect with people searching for alternative therapies. Success of the original Naples/Fort Myers edition was immediate.

    Two years later, an avid reader convinced her to launch a second edition in Sarasota, Florida. Its destiny was to become the prototype for an unprecedented franchise network of like-minded people who value what this magazine brings to their community.

    In 1999, Bruckman formed Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation to support this growing network of publishers. Expertise provided by director of franchise development John Voell II made the venture possible. Today, franchise owners publish more than 50 local editions, with new magazines added each year.

    "The wellness revolution I saw emerging years ago is now in full swing," says Bruckman. "It's propelled by the kind of people who read our magazines and website. Our job is to keep our finger on the pulse of cutting-edge advances and keep readers apprised of the best healthy-life choices available."

    "Sharing the good news is proving to be both fun and rewarding in the United States and abroad. We love what we do. We love to spread light," says Bruckman. "Our delight is in Natural Awakenings is Everywhere!."

    Sharon Bruckman

    Healthy living messages of natural health and wellness, personal growth and sustainable living tailored to local demographics are eagerly awaited by a million+ consumers each month. Being a free grassroots publication, Natural Awakenings magazine quickly takes its place as a foundational and primary communication tool for every participating regional holistic network. Extensive coverage of local community news and calendars of upcoming events prompts readers to pick up their copy early so that they can refer to it throughout the month. That's staying power!

    "Natural Awakenings Magazine – Greater Ann Arbor Edition was launched in June 2006 with excitement and enthusiasm because of Publisher, Trina Voell's personal belief in service to others and her love and respect for Mother Earth’s natural resources. " Trina believes Natural Awakenings is the ideal venue to bring the healthy living, healthy planet community together with information, stories, local news and community resources.

    John and Trina Voell

    Her four wonderful children have inspired her to embark on this amazing journey. Having a daughter with special needs prompted her to delve into homeopathic medicine, herbs, gardening music therapy and other natural healing modalities. Trina’s passion for healing our children and our planet for generations to come shines through in each issue of Natural Awakenings.

    “We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”.
    – David Brower

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