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    Natural Awakenings is Everywhere!

    Trina & John Voell

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    Advertising That Works!

    If you have a business, service, product or event consistent with our editorial or are a professional aligned with our vision, Natural Awakenings is the right advertising choice for you.

    Reach the people who reach for us. Natural Awakenings Greater Ann Arbor and surrounding communities is Michigan's trusted resource for information pertaining to natural health, green living and the products, services and events that support a healthy/holistic lifestyle

    A Credible Local Resource

    Natural Awakenings has fast become one of the most widely read natural health and green living publications in the country. Cutting edge editorial and an uncompromising vision to positively affect local communities is the pulse of this publication. The heart of our edition is the community that we serve ĖGreater Ann Arbor and Surrounding communities.

    Get Noticed

    Natural Awakenings provides numerous ways to build your business or promote your event. A consistent presence is the hallmark of effective print and web-based advertising.

    Every business owner knows the necessity of advertising in order to bring in new customers and grow the business. Itís so important to spend limited advertising dollars in just the right place to be as productive as possible, as there are so many options to choose from.

    Nothing beats a targeted audience that reaches your potential cliental. We offer several addendums to that promotional staple that ensures more visibility and better recognition, Natural Awakenings gets you noticed. We will work together to build a tailor made advertising plan suitable for you.

    We Don't Stop There

    With most publications, placing an ad is the end, with us, it's just the beginning. We want our readers to get to know you. We encourage multi-faceted participation from our advertisers and further editorial priority. Realize the difference.

    Have you wished that your print advertising media would give you some extra business-building help? Natural Awakenings is doing that for our advertisers right now!

    Natural Awakenings unique marketing package that is very different from traditional print advertising. Traditional advertising works only for a limited time - it is not sustainable. Check out our Business Builder package - a new paradigm in marketing. It is a way with which we integrate your display ad with expanded marketing techniques that repeatedly capture the readersí imagination and attention.

    Let us show you how we multiply the power of your display ad by greatly expanding your presence in our magazine, all at no additional cost to you.

    News Briefs
    Business Profiles
    Events Calendar
    Community Resource Guide
    Feature Articles/Editorial
    Targeted Distribution

    Cost-Effective Marketing

    Compare our rates - they are the most reasonable you will find. Your ad in Natural Awakenings works for you much longer than in daily and weekly publications - and because of our appealing article content readers keep and refer back to their past issues.

    For more information on advertising in Natural Awakenings including rates and special offers please contact us at 734-757-7929 or email us at publisher@a2namag.com.

    National Advertising

    Are you Interested in advertising your products or services in multiple markets? Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp. is a growing franchised family of locally owned magazines servicing communities since 1994. To place your ad in several markets call 888-434-9392.

    Targeted Marketing

    Reach an audience who reaches for us. Our readers are seeking products and services that support natural health and green living. Connect with them!


    Natural Awakenings is everywhere! We distribute up to 10,000 copies of Natural Awakenings Magazine to 500 locations throughout the Greater Ann Arbor area and surrounding communities each month You'll find it at selected stores, health food and grocery stores, healing and education centers, book stores, restaurants, public libraries, fitness centers, coffee shops, hospitals, and wherever free publications are generally seen. Call us for a location near you or if you wish to provide copies for your clients or customers please contact us at 734-474-1807 or A2namag.com We're growing...grow with us.


    We inspire as well as inform our readers. As a result, our readership is growing each month. We currently reach approximately 22,000+ women and men in Greater Ann Arbor area interested in natural health and green living. Find out about the audience you can reach?

    *Who is the Natural Awakenings reader?

    Our readers are overwhelming female (70%)
    Over 51% have a household income of over 50K
    72% are between the ages of 25-54
    80% purchase products or services from ads seen in Natural Awakenings

    Natural Awakenings magazine rated higher over TV, radio, internet and other print publications as the #1 source for health-related information

    *Demographic results from audits conducted by the CVC Verification Council for Natural Awakenings magazines.

    Are these demographics similar for your customers? If so, we would like to visit with you on how we can assist you in promoting your business at a very affordable cost, including our limited-time introductory advertising specials.

    Tips for Effective Marketing

    Three stages of a relationship with your potential clients

    V = Visibility

    Get into the magazine, either with briefs, ads, community resource guide listings or calendar, whatever, gets your companyís name visible! This is the first stage of a relationship with readers.

    C = Credibility

    Credibility is developed over time. When readers see your ad month after month, it develops credibility for your products/services. It's important to see the big picture, the long haul. How many times to you see ads for cars? How often do you buy a car? Who do you think of when youíre ready? This answer is a result of the credibility factor.

    P = Profitability

    This third stage is gotten to only after the first two have been

    developed. This is when the reader picks up the telephone and calls you. The advertising has done its job. It is now up to you to seal the deal. This is the advertiserís opportunity to gain in profitability.

    Define Your Business

    What do you have to offer? Clearly list all the benefits of your product or service. Then create a marketing campaign that visibly reflects your business.

    Define Your Target Audience

    Research your potential customers. If you know your customers, you'll know how to choose the right advertising media. Where do they shop? What kinds of publications do they read? Where would they look to find the kind of product or service you are offering? Television? Phone book? Newspaper? Magazine?

    Solidify Your Presence!

    Create a lasting impression. Keep your name and service in front of your potential clients by advertising, designing flyers, giving lectures, creating a website, hosting a special event, having a booth at trade shows and expos. Keep generating awareness of your business by creatively letting the community know you are there. Get out there and network in the community and make those connections.

    A reader will give an advertiser only 7 seconds on average to convey a message. Does your ad convey a message in this amount of time? Is your ad design effective and eye catching? Is it simple and clean? Does it need updating? Is the message you are communicating in your ad clear and concise to a potential new customer?

    Is there a high demand for your product or service, and how many businesses are providing the same offering in your market area? How can you differentiate your business from others, and are you properly communicating that difference to potential customers?

    Are you wasting advertising dollars on promoting to those that are not potential customers? And in turn, are you promoting directly to those that are potential customers?


    Branding is critical, with repeat exposure. Are your ads communicating your consistent branding on a frequent basis?

    Diversify Your Marketing Techniques

    This includes creating brochures, sending out press releases, scheduling radio interviews, having a website, and sending out regular newsletters. Be creative! You can even use your voicemail to help promote your business. It can provide potential customers with additional information about your services, even when you are unavailable.

    Special Offers

    Offer something of special interest to potential clients. This could be a discount coupon, a free visit or samples of your new product.

    Commit to a Marketing Plan

    Consider your advertising commitment as seeding your business with new clients. In order to secure the response you desire, a marketing commitment on your part is needed.

    Be Patient

    Effective marketing takes time. You need to continually put your message in front of your target market. Studies show that it takes a reader an average of 6-8 times of seeing a new advertisement before the advertisement is noticed and acted on.

    Offer Incredible Customer Service

    Giving great customer service is key. Make a great first impression by giving prompt service. Building a business is about building relationships. If you treat customers well and they like the service or product you offer, they will be repeat customers.

    Keep a Positive Attitude. Remember, "You will receive as you believe."

    Natural Awakenings...awakening Michigan to living healthy and green...naturally!

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