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Natural Awakenings is a family of locally owned magazines reaching 4 million readers each month in 88 communities.

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Welcome to Natural Awakenings
Greater Ann Arbor’s
Healthy Living – Healthy Planet Magazine

awakening one community at a time ...naturally Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. Our mission is to provide insights and information to improve the quality of life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In each issue, readers find cutting edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet.

As one of the largest natural living magazines in the United States, Natural Awakenings has become an indispensable personal resource for people seeking a healthy, natural lifestyle. Our rapidly growing family of 69 independently owned magazines bring positive solutions to life’s challenges to 3 million readers each month.

Cutting Edge Information

Each month Natural Awakenings advertisers and writers provide the tools you need to assist you on your personal path to wellness. We feature articles by national authors as well as from local leaders in the natural health and sustainable living fields. Additionally, we bring you news and events that are happening in our community-and around the globe.

You will find informative articles from well-known industry leaders such as Dan Millman, Dr. Andrew Weil, Christiane Northrup, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Gabrielle Roth and more! Articles even come from our own backyard and have been published nationally. Many of our readers keep back issues of Natural Awakenings for easy reference!

Our responsibility in providing cutting edge, timely and inspiring information to our readers isn’t something we take lightly. We select and create stories and features that offer a roadmap to a healthier, more authentic life. We are always looking for ways to bring you more of the great stories you come to expect.

Get Noticed!

There are several ways businesses can benefit from Natural Awakenings. Some of the obvious ways are as a distribution point, an advertiser or even a contributing writer. In fact, the most important role of Natural Awakenings is to provide an opportunity for local natural health, fitness, wellness and sustainable living leaders to contribute their unique knowledge and experiences to the community.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Compare our rates—they are the most reasonable you will find. Your ad in Natural Awakenings works for you much longer than in daily or weekly publications—and readers keep and refer back to their issues offering you greater visibility, credibility and profitability!

Audited Research Results

  • 80% of Natural Awakenings readers purchase products or services from ads seen in Natural Awakenings magazines.
  • Over 51% of Natural Awakenings readers have a household income of over 50k.
  • 72% of Natural Awakenings readers (male and female) are between the ages of 25-54.
  • Natural Awakenings magazine rated higher over TV, radio, internet and other print publications as the #1 source for health and green living related information in audited markets.

  • —CVC Verification Council

    Targeted Distribution

    Our business is locally owned and locally published. Our readership is over 20,000 and is distributed at over 500 distribution points in the Greater Ann Arbor area and throughout Washtenaw county including Chelsea, Dexter, Saline, Ypsilanti, Belleville and expanding.

    Our targeted distribution reaches affluent, well-educated and health conscious readers who are eagerly seeking resources that will improve their health and well-being. With wide distribution throughout the communities we serve, Natural Awakenings can be found each month at local health food stores, fitness centers, book shops, healthcare facilities, and wherever free publications are generally found.

    Because we’re a free grassroots publication, Natural Awakenings magazine has quickly taken its place as a foundational and primary communication tool for our local holistic network. Our extensive coverage of local community news and calendars of upcoming events prompt our readers pick up their copy early so that they can refer to it throughout the month. We're All About Bringing Community Together and Sharing Ideas!

    We encourage your involvement! There are so many ways you can be part of the Natural Awakenings family with your involvement. Your participation is the key to you making this magazine part of all of our lives for-the-better, whether it be as an advertiser, local calendar events contributor, or by submitting informative health-related and sustainable living articles or news briefs, we welcome your involvement. We believe in community spirit. We participate in local community events, trade shows and organizations that bring positive effects to the lives of all of us. We Welcome Your Comments!
    We’d love to hear from you.
    Please share your thoughts with us.



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